Corporate dispute arbitration IN UKRAINE

Корпоративные и Хозяйственные споры Арбитраж в Украине

Exit or entry of a participant; difficulties in forming a governing body; his dismissal; disputes in the distribution of profits; in the management of the company; holding meetings—all this refers to corporate disputes. Quite often, we manage to resolve such disputes out of court, but sometimes it comes to court. In this case, interim measures are important since the unscrupulous party may sell shares, property, or otherwise take advantage of the disputed situation.

At the same time, it is necessary to correctly prepare claims so that after receiving a positive court decision, this will help unblock the company’s work, protect its interests, and not aggravate the situation. It must be admitted that if the position of the parties is fundamental, then the dispute can be considered for quite a long time, which can lead to the bankruptcy of the company itself. In resolving such disputes, one must be especially attentive to external factors.

Commercial dispute arbitration in Ukraine 

Arbitration disputes between business entities are a fairly common phenomenon in Ukraine and other countries. For the most part, the courts do not greatly delay the consideration of cases; therefore, with a high-quality preparation of a claim, objection, or recall and the correct formation of evidence in documentary form, the court will quickly make a decision.

It is important not to dwell on a positive decision, since quite often the opponent will appeal against the decision of the courts in an appeal. Therefore, preparation for protecting the interests of the company at the appeal stage is also of no small importance. When considering disputes, it is important to observe the procedural subtleties of conducting the process of an economic dispute, the timeliness of the submission of evidence, and the refutation of arguments. It is very important that, when considering a dispute, it is possible to impose the costs of legal assistance on the losing party, which can significantly affect the choice of an arbitration lawyer as a defender. After all, everyone should do their favorite thing. And we love our job!