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Адвокат по уголовным делам адвокат на обысках в Киеве

Criminal lawyer in Kyiv

At present, no one is immune from the fact that police officers, SBU, NABU, or prosecutors can pay a visit unexpectedly. Such talks can seem far-fetched cases or political persecution, but these will remain a mere supposition. The only way out of the situation is the high-quality and professional work of a criminal lawyer in Kyiv.

Namely, the lawyer will determine the existence of grounds for detention, search, and check; it is he who will become the defender of your interests in case of their violation; it is he who will be able to prepare a complaint and protect the interests of the investigating judge or procedural leader (prosecutor).

We recommend that you always enlist the support of a lawyer with experience in protecting clients, especially in economic affairs. Do not remain indifferent to your fate, but be the master of the situation.

The presence of a lawyer at the searches

The most frequently used additional security of the investigative action that frightens the enterprise is a search. It is almost impossible to protect oneself from a search because if there is a court order to conduct it, it will be carried out for sure. Therefore, you need to think not about how to prevent a lawsuit but how to gain time and ensure your temporary arrival of a lawyer and your defense during the search.

The lawyer who arrived on time, who cannot be excluded from the search, will be able to record all violations on the part of the investigation, minimize the so-called “lawlessness”, and also ensure that your rights are respected and will not allow violations of the law by the investigating authorities. Subsequently, the lawyer can return the things if they are seized by appealing against the actions in court. It is better to act promptly. Time is a highly important factor.

If the enterprise came to the attention of the investigating authorities, then, most likely, soon, the management of the enterprise may be invited for questioning. There is no necessity to be afraid of this investigative action. It is better to be wary of your rash actions during interrogation.


We recommend that you prepare for the interrogation, especially employees. It is imperative to understand the reason for being called. After that, identify all the risks and elaborate a strategy for the entire company’s behaviour.

The presence of a lawyer at the searches one day is important.

In addition, it is important to prepare everyone called for the interrogation so that the rash actions of the employee do not become the reason for his detention. Without fail, we recommend that you go for an interrogation with a lawyer, which will minimize the possibility of violating the rights of the person called and enable him to feel more confident.

At the same time, a lawyer can always offer advice and help.

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