Recovery of material and moral damage and debt in Ukraine

Взыскание материального и морального ущерба и задолженности в Украине

Recovery of material and moral damage in Ukraine

In the activities of any person, there are cases when, as a result of the illegal actions of another person, damage is caused. The damage can be material or moral. At the same time, moral damage can be caused not only to individuals but also to legal ones.

Compensation for damages very rarely occurs on a voluntary basis; therefore, most often, such disputes are resolved in court. If you become a participant in such a dispute (on the part of a claimant or a debtor), you need the support of a lawyer.

We will be able to collect evidence of the guilt of the actions of the party, prove the absence of guilt, confirm or refute the amount of damage (by conducting an examination and reviews), prepare and submit to the court all the necessary documents, provide high-quality explanations to the judge, and protect your interests.

Debt collection

Not rare is the situation when the counterparty does not pay for the goods or services received. Despite the fact that this is a common, unfortunately, case, contacting a lawyer will be very useful. We will be able to quickly analyze the disputed situation and determine the prospects of the dispute. Next, we analyze the financial condition of the debtor and, if necessary, send an application to the court for securing the claim (seizure of property, accounts).

 After that, a statement of claim is submitted to the court as evidence of the illegality of the actions of the debtor. The lawyer takes part in the trial, gives his explanations, and performs the function of protecting your interests. 

Having received a positive court decision, we will be able to ensure its implementation through the service of private executors (states). In the event of a negative decision, we are always ready to prepare a high-quality appeal and ensure the protection of the client’s interests in court at the stage of the appeal. We always set a goal for ourselves and try to do our best to achieve it! The result is important for us!

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