Barcode registration for goods in Ukraine

A barcode is a product identifier designed to allow machine-readable information to be embedded in successive black and white stripes. It is a sequence of strokes and gaps of a certain size, with the help of which numbers, letters, and other characters are encoded. Information encoded in a barcode can be automatically read using special devices called barcode scanners. Each digit or letter in a barcode is displayed by a combination of strokes and spaces according to well-defined rules. While reading, the scanner measures the light reflected from the dark and light areas of the barcode.

The right to use a barcode is confirmed by a certificate issued by the Association of Commodity Numbering of Ukraine “GS1 Ukraine”, which is the only representative of the International Organization GS1 in our country. At the same time, a prerequisite for registering a barcode is membership in the association. The assigned GTIN-13 barcode is a graphic representation of the product number and is unique throughout the world. To find out if barcode registration is required for a particular product, you can use the list of product categories provided in the “Regulations on Barcoding of Goods” of the Ministry of Economy (2002).

Obtaining bar codes for any type of goods is a necessary means of increasing the efficiency of commercial cooperation between business entities, integrating into the networks of international commodity flows, introducing and using electronic means of accounting, and identifying any category of goods. It should be noted that, in addition to the above, the presence of a barcode on any type of product can be a successful marketing tool. The design solution of the barcode symbolism, along with the trademark and the compositional solution of the label (packaging), will give your product uniqueness and recognition by consumers.

A separate barcode must be registered for each commodity item, which clearly identifies each item. For example, for a number of goods that differ in weight, color, and size, you need to receive separate barcodes. Barcodes can be obtained for a single product, group packaging, sets, weight products, discount products, etc. A barcode can be registered for the following categories of enterprises:

  • individual entrepreneurs (PE)
  • legal entities

Our company offers a full range of barcode registration services in Ukraine for your enterprise on a turnkey basis. The cost of services for processing a package of documents for associate membership (joining the association) is 1200 UAH (depending on the number of trade names). Just leave a message or call us back! We will do everything for you!