Адвокат Киев - как правильно подобрать адвоката в Киеве?

Advocate Kyiv – how not to make a mistake and win?

Lawyer Kyiv is an experienced and knowledgeable specialist in the field of jurisprudence, protecting the rights and interests of its clients. In our modern life, every adult one way or another has a need to seek help from a lawyer.

In the modern world, Advocate Kyiv is a person, who is trusted with secrets, interests, and sometimes fate. I’ll be honest, being a lawyer is not easy, because protecting one side, you a priori become an enemy for the other side. But this article is about, how to choose a lawyer for a particular case?

How to choose a lawyer in Kyiv?

Choosing a lawyer in Kyiv, each of you initially refers to that lawyer, whom he knows or who was recommended by friends. This is right, because trust is the basis of interaction between a client and a lawyer.

However, Few take into account the fact, that Lawyer Kyiv has its own specialization, and maybe this, that in one area he is a genius, and secondly, he does not specialize, so little experience. For example, everybody knows, what are lawyers, specializing in defense in criminal proceedings, others specialize in commercial disputes, bankruptcy, the third – for the most part represent the interests of citizens in courts of general jurisdiction (family disputes, labor conflicts, etc.), and the fourth – represent interests in disputes with state bodies, defending the interests of individuals and legal entities in administrative courts jurisdiction.

Specialization of lawyers in Kyiv

I believe in the specialization of lawyers in Kyiv, and don’t believe those, who say: “I can do everything, I will decide everything, what do you need?». A competent lawyer can really understand a dispute of any specifics., because this lawyer may not know something, but knows exactly where to find it, what he doesn’t know. This option is also working., if you trust this lawyer. But, if you do not have a personal lawyer, who do you trust, or you first encountered the search for such, you need to look for a specialist, who works in the specialization you need.

Some lawyers work in several specializations, which is also quite common, however, to be an expert “in all areas” you understand, which is probably impossible. Trust is important, we were talking about. The lawyer should give you maximum time, show the result of the work, point out problem areas, and most importantly, answer your questions in simple words. You must leave the Lawyer with a full understanding of the situation and the algorithm of actions.

If you feel, that the lawyer does not finish something, Or is there something else bothering you?, so you need to ask your lawyer about it, and only after his answer to make the final decision on cooperation. Another important point: in the bar, like in medicine, It will not be superfluous to consult with several specialists, so that it will be easier for you to make a decision later.

Trust lawyers – professionals

However, trust lawyers – professionals and skilled professionals, consider the work experience and image of a lawyer or law firm. Today it is the most reliable indicator for you. And run from those specialists, about which there is no information on the Internet, but they are “generalists”. Consider that fact, that quality services cannot be cheap, so the choice must be right.

In company ADVICE serves many clients, different weight “financial” category. We go to a meeting with many of them and make installments, because we are sympathetic to the payment discipline and opportunities. But we never allow ourselves to deceive the client, And if his situation is difficult, or hopeless, we will always talk about it openly. But if there’s a chance to save the situation, and the client is ready to fight, we will also do our best, possible and impossible, to get justice.

We specialize in business protection, so among our destinations: disputes with regulatory authorities (tax, PFU, firefighters and other controllers), economic disputes, internal legal audit of contracts and their examination. Naturally, companies employ people and they have their own disputes: someone has an inheritance, someone has an accident and insurance, someone has a family dispute, etc..

The specialists of our company are required to navigate in most areas, however, for a more integrated approach, our company has a conditional specialization, therefore, our clients always receive legal assistance from our experienced specialists. If the dispute has a very bright specificity (antitrust law, offshore, stock market, etc.), we turn to our partners, and as a result we provide high-quality legal assistance. This is our priority, no matter what!

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