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Our Successful Cases

UAH 45 mln.

Protecting the interests of the developer company, which was presented with additional. building site requirements.

Cancellation. construction obligations
UAH 22 mln.

Appeal of tax notices-decisions on the dispute of the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service.

Cancellation of the notice-decision of the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service
UAH 11 mln.

They tried to recover from the company 11 million. UAH. as an equity participation after the completion of the construction of the facility.

Won a dispute with the Department of Economics
UAH 10 mln.

Appealing registration actions based on the results of registration of ownership of mortgage property.

Cancellation of mortgage
UAH 2.3 mln.

Appeal of tax notices-decisions on the dispute of the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service in the city of. Kyiv. Cancellation of the fine 2,3 million. UAH.

Cancellation of the fine of the Main Directorate of the State Tax Service

Lawyer in Kyiv

During the wars of the oligarchs and the redistribution of their zones of influence on the economy and politics of Ukraine, it is important to help small businesses survive! Only from small business can the middle class be reborn, which is the engine of our country’s economic growth! We can truly protect your business from threats now and in the future.

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Family Lawyer

Divorce (the dissolution of marriage), the distribution of property between spouses, child’s upbringing, custody cases, and a child's departure abroad

Corporate Lawyer

Drawing up, expertise, analysis of contracts, pre-trial resolution of corporate disputes, and economic disputes in Kyiv

Assistance in starting up a business

Registration of LLC (TOV), Individual Entrepreneur (FOP), Assistance in Selecting KVED, Making Changes to the Statutory Documents

Tax Lawyer

Resolution of issues with tax authorities, legal conflicts with tax authorities, and presence during tax authorities' audits in Ukraine

Inheritance in Ukraine

Inheritance litigation, admission to inheritance, legal counsel on inheritance, and Ukrainian inheritance courts

Lawyer for Searches and Inspections in Kyiv

Presence of a lawyer at searches, business inspections by government agencies, and appeals of inspection results

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Accounting services

Accounting support and Accounting outsourcing from start-ups to developed companies.

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Vitalii Kulakov

PhD in Law (Ph.D.)
АLawyer in Kyiv, Managing Partner ADVICE

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