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About ours Companies

During the wars of the oligarchs and the redistribution of their zones of influence on the economy and politics of Ukraine, it is important to help small businesses survive!

Only from small business can the middle class be reborn, which is the engine of our country’s economic growth!

We can truly protect your business from threats now and in the future, because we are:

  • professionals in our field in the legal protection of business
  • always striving to be better and more useful
  • ready to take responsibility and implement the most daring projects
  • our longstanding reputation and image is very important to us
  • we feel and know the needs of the business, 
  • we offer ready-made solutions
  • we respect customers and always tell the truth
  • for openness and transparency of cooperation

For over 10 years, we have been entrusted with the most valuable and precious thing: their peace of mind!

For the success and security of your business we are ready to declare war:

  • imperfection of the judicial and law enforcement system
  • illegal actions of tax and regulatory authorities
  • corrupt officials
  • banking lawlessness

Don’t think, that you yourself have to handle all the load, which piles up in the process of doing business and takes up a significant part of your personal time.

ADVICE – we are professionals in legal outsourcing! Trust experience and excellence!


Адвокат Киев - как правильно подобрать адвоката в Киеве?

PhD. Vitalii Kulakov

Advocate Kyiv, Managing Partner ADVICE
Доктор Флософии Виталий Кулаков

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