International Tax Planning - buy Offshore in Ukraine

International Tax Planning - Offshore

Международное налоговая оптимизация Купить Оффшор в Украине

Together with our partners from different jurisdictions, we have the opportunity to organize tax optimization activities (Buy Offshore in Ukraine) in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and other countries.

It is important to say that this is not about tax evasion, but only about the interaction of Ukrainian legislation and international jurisdiction to optimize tax payments and generate profits.

Business support of representative offices of foreign companies

For more than 10 years of work on the protection and support of business, we can proudly say that we are ready to provide high-quality services not only to domestic companies, but also to foreign ones.

We can organize the registration of LLP/PE/JSC of a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine on a turnkey basis, obtain invitations (permits) to work, carry out accounting services for the company with mandatory accruals and payment of taxes and fees, submit reports, provide legal support for the company, obtain permits and licenses.

We are ready to offer various offshore services in Ukraine:

Register a Company in a Low Tax Jurisdiction (Buy Offshore in Ukraine)
Provide Choice of Jurisdiction (Countries of Business Registration - Offshore)
Calculate the Effective Work Scheme of the Group of Companies
Choose a Bank and Establish Offshore Organization