The ADVICE company successfully operates in the legal services market in Ukraine, and also provides services outside our country. A particularly popular service is company registration in foreign countries (Georgia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia). Each jurisdiction has its advantages, which every potential businessman should know about. It is these subtleties that we tell our clients when they choose a jurisdiction (taxation system, cost optimization, complexity of the banking system, business registration procedure, and so on).

This article will focus on Georgia.

Opening a business in Georgia is not an easy task. Registration of a company in Georgia is associated with the difficulties of the Georgian language and its understanding. Many citizens of other countries do not know the language, but they have to fill out all documents in Georgian. Of course, deception, substitution, and all other risks are possible here. Therefore, you should trust to fill out documents and submit them for registration only to those whom you trust, who have positive experience and reviews. We have been working in the Georgian market for a long time, and all our clients have had no problems opening (registering) a company in Georgia, as well as opening a bank account.

How does registration work?

You contact our company Law Firm ADVICE ( and report your desire to open a company in Georgia. We propose to register a business in the form of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and an Individual Entrepreneur (analogous to an Individual Entrepreneur in Ukraine). Based on your wishes, we choose an organizational form, determine the types of activities, determine the timing of opening a business in Georgia and begin working together.

We are ready to register a company or individual entrepreneur – without your personal presence in Georgia. To do this, you will need to provide us with a power of attorney (we provide the form and text). We prepare the Charter, protocol and all necessary documents. We send them to Georgia, where they are translated and notarized. After preparing the documents in Georgia, within 2-5 working days, we submit documents for registration and you receive an Extract from the register on the registration of the company (individual entrepreneur).

It is especially important to understand that to open a business in Georgia you must have a legal address. Those who have real estate in Georgia will not have problems. Those who do not have real estate in Georgia need to find a legal address.

Our company undertakes to provide a legal address, so you will not have any problems with this. You will be able to register everything in one company, without worrying about the risks of fraud and difficulties with registering a company at its legal address.

The next step in registering a company in Georgia is opening a bank account. This is not a simple procedure, since in most jurisdictions banks require the personal presence of the director of the company or individual entrepreneur. However, having a positive history of work in Georgia, our company is ready to provide the service of opening a bank account – without your presence. This is possible on the basis of a power of attorney from the director of the company (we provide the text of the power of attorney). We ourselves prepare a package of documents, and after it is translated and notarized by a notary in Georgia, we contact the bank to open an account. The account opening procedure takes 2-5 business days.

Thus, our company is ready to provide you with a comprehensive service for registering a company in Georgia and opening a bank account.

Trust professionals and those who have proven themselves exclusively on the positive side.

We can also help you with accounting support and provide legal services in Georgia.

We always offer ready-made solutions for your business!

Thank you for your trust! We invite you to cooperate!

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