For failure to provide information about the ultimate beneficiary – the responsibility will be borne by the head of the company

November 16, 2022 The Supreme Council of Ukraine adopted a law (No. 6321), which amended Article 166-11 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine regarding changes in the procedure for providing the state registrar with information about the ultimate beneficiary of the owner of a legal entity.

The law provides for administrative liability of the head of a legal entity in the form of a fine, the amount of which is from 17,000 UAH. up to 51000 UAH (as of 2022) – for failure to provide or untimely provision of information (documents) on the ultimate beneficial owner of a legal entity to the state registrar.

The law comes into force no earlier than December 29, 2022, which means it will fully work in 2023.

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