Foreigners will be able to start up businesses in Ukraine online

What is Ukrainian E-Residency?

This is a new special status for foreigners, which provides an opportunity to conduct business in Ukraine online, without the physical presence of a person.

Foreigners will be able, without physical presence:

  • get e-resident status
  • register as an entrepreneurship
  • pay a tax of 5% of the income
  • open an online bank account

Taxation and reporting for e-residents will be automated.

How is everything going?

A foreigner registers in the DIYA application (a specialized application developed by the Ministry of Informatization) and undergoes a financial and security check.

After positive conclusions as the result of verification, the person becomes an electronic resident and receives an electronic digital signature.

After that, the person can open a bank account remotely, and this bank will be the tax agent for the e-Resident in the future.

At the same time, reporting, correspondence and other interactions with the tax authority are conducted exclusively online, and settlements are made in the cashless form.

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