The Ukrainian Agency for Tracing and Management of Assets will be able to receive information about assets from the largest cryptocurrency exchanges

The volume of transactions with virtual assets is growing rapidly. Ukraine is one of the leaders among countries in terms of the involvement of citizens in cryptocurrency. Many officials own virtual assets, and in some cases they declare them officially in the declaration of property status. In Ukraine, cryptocurrency is not an official means of payment, but some firms can already offer payment in cryptocurrency. In Ukraine, the Agency for Tracing and Management of Assets operates as a law enforcement agency. This body has the ability to apply new approaches and technologies that allow you to receive information from different crypto exchanges.

Today, with the right approach, you can get the identification data of the owner of a cryptocurrency wallet, namely: a document that certifies the identity; email address; IP address; name and IMEI of the device; information about transactions; availability of additional wallets and bank accounts.

In the event of opening a criminal case, the virtual assets of the defendants may be arrested, operations may be suspended, virtual assets may be transferred to the management of other persons.

If you have crypto wallets, virtual assets, you need to get advice from experienced lawyers who can provide services to unblock transactions, a crypto wallet, and also protect the interests of the owner of virtual assets before the authorized bodies.