05/06/2023 Law of Ukraine No. 3048-IX entered into force, which amended some legislative acts regarding the enforcement of decisions of courts and other authorities during martial law.

This Law provides for the possibility of partially using funds from “arrested” accounts.

What kind of accounts are we talking about?

Accounts of individuals who are seized by the state executive service or a private executor.

How much money can you withdraw/spend?

No more than 2 minimum wages within one calendar month, that is, 13,400 UAH. for every month.

More – is it possible?

Only if you pay taxes or fees.

If there are several accounts, then you can withdraw UAH 13,400 each. from each?

No, 13400 UAH. per month from only one account determined in accordance with the established procedure.

Is this possible automatically? Does it need to be formatted?

It is necessary to contact the state executive service body, the private executor that seized your funds, with a statement on the definition of a current bank account for debit transactions.

The application can be submitted in paper form (by courier or by mail) or in electronic form.

What should be noted in the application?

– the number of the current account, which the debtor asks to determine for the implementation of expenditure transactions;

– the name of the bank in which such an account is opened.

What should the performer do upon receiving such a statement?

Within 2 working days from the date of receipt of the relevant application, the contractor issues a resolution on determining the current account of the individual – the debtor in the bank for debit transactions and immediately, no later than the next business day after the issuance of the resolution, sends the relevant bank resolution and checks for other open executive proceedings and sends the relevant resolution to the performers who carry out compulsory execution in such enforcement proceedings.

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